Health impacts

INOVEC is dedicated to strengthening country capacity and promoting rational, integrated, and locally adapted vector control and surveillance tools. These efforts have profound health implications, preparing for the emerging threat of Mosquito-Borne Diseases (MBDs) and contributing to global health and well-being. Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, the project aims to reduce poverty, improve the environment, and take climate action. INOVEC’s results are expected to reshape norms, procedures, and vector control policies at esteemed organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Environmental impacts

In response to the recent ban on 75% of insecticides by the European Food and Safety Authority, INOVEC focuses on developing safe, specific, and sustainable insecticides and repellents that enhance the sustainability of public health products. Additionally, the project concentrates efforts on promoting the development of alternative, non-insecticidal, and environmentally friendly vector control tools, aiming to reduce reliance on biocides and minimize their impact on non-target organisms. Through workshops and conferences that bring together academics, non-academics, and policymakers, INOVEC actively supports the European Green Deal, driving the transformation of the EU vector control sector beyond 2022.

Societal impacts

INOVEC has far-reaching societal impacts. By enhancing the productivity of partner institutions’ services and research activities, fostering collaborations in laboratory and field settings, and promoting large-scale agreements for effective and sustainable mosquito control techniques in Europe, the project bolsters European defenses against Aedes-borne diseases. Through the integration of citizen-based surveillance into existing mosquito control programs, facilitated by the Mosquito Alert program developed in partnership with CSIC, INOVEC pioneers a « new age » innovation model for urban mosquito management. This model is transferable to other European, African, and Latin American countries, creating a global impact.

Economic Impacts

Cross-sectoral secondments boost the level of maturity of multiple vector control products, communication technologies, and diagnostic tools developed by the industry, facilitating their access to the market. These new tools may also create market opportunities and substantially strengthen the competitiveness of partnering companies. Additionally, INOVEC provides opportunities for the public and private sectors to foster innovation by developing businesses and knowledge-based market opportunities for European start-ups and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It also increases the inclusion of third countries in the scientific development of new vector control products.