Advancing Vector Research and Innovation through Knowledge Transfer

INOVEC is driving advancements in Aedes-borne disease research and innovation through global cooperation. By fostering research collaborations and facilitating knowledge transfer among participating organizations, the project serves as a platform for exchange and collaboration.

Empowering Researchers for Sustainable Impact

INOVEC prioritizes the training and career development of both early-career and experienced researchers. By equipping them with knowledge and expertise, the project ensures the sustainability of collaborative efforts beyond its duration. These researchers can actively contribute to other European and international research projects, enriching the field of vector research and innovation.

Driving Innovations through Scientific Results

The scientific outcomes of INOVEC, including publications, reports, and diagnostic tools, lay a solid foundation for future research and innovation. These resources provide a competitive edge and enable the project team to conceive and develop new projects. The diagnostic tests, formulations, software, predictive models, and vector control devices created by the consortium have the potential for widespread adoption, driving future innovations in vector research.

Strengthening Research and Innovation Potential through Collaboration

INOVEC stands out among European-funded projects with its multidisciplinary, international, and cross-sectoral approach. This unique framework enhances scientific excellence and fosters innovation across disciplines. By collaborating with influential consortia and non-profit partnerships, INOVEC leverages expertise and technological advancements in vector control. This collaboration ensures the availability of effective and safe products for national vector control programs while nurturing a robust research and innovation ecosystem. The tools and technologies developed or improved through staff exchanges will be modular, allowing for easy adaptation to different pest targets with similar characteristics, expanding their potential impact.