A research and innovation partnership for enhancing the surveillance and control of mosquito vectors of emerging arboviruses

Protecting against Aedes-borne diseases

At the INOVEC project, we are committed to protecting people from the growing threat of emerging arboviral diseases, such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya, and yellow fever. By enhancing the scientific and technical knowledge on the surveillance and control of Aedes mosquitoes, our consortium of 21 institutions across 12 countries works together to standardize, optimize and promote innovative approaches, tools, and technologies for tackling Aedes vectors in Europe, Africa and Brazil.

A international consortium dedicated to vector control

By promoting multidisciplinary, cross sectoral, and international exchanges among experts in vector biology, social sciences, and product development, we are expecting to foster a mutual culture of research & innovation in vector control while promoting new skills, knowledge acquisition and career development. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the preparedness of countries to mitigate Aedes-borne diseases and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for Neglected Tropical Diseases by 2030.

The pertinence and originality of INOVEC is to promote through capacity building and networking the development of a box of integrated, scalable and community-based tools and technologies to ensure efficiency and sustainability of mosquito control in multiple settings.

Dr Florence Fouque
Medical entomologist

INOVEC’s Global Network

  • 13 countries
  • 21 institutions
  • 16 academics
  • 5 private companies