Ethical approach

INOVEC places a strong emphasis on ethical research practices throughout its diverse activities involving human participants, animal research, data management, and international collaboration. The project adheres strictly to international guidelines to ensure the protection of rights and well-being of all stakeholders involved

As the project coordinator, the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) takes responsibility for ensuring compliance with legal requirements. This includes verifying research legality in at least one EU Member State for activities conducted outside of Europe.

To maintain responsible research practices and prioritize advancements in vector research for global health, INOVEC appoints an independent Ethics Advisor. Fanny Momboisse, an expert in medical ethics and bioethics with extensive experience in advising and conducting ethical research involving humans, fulfills this role. Fanny’s expertise is invaluable in providing guidance to the Ethical Advisory Board (EAB) and collaborating with the consortium.

By upholding strict ethical standards, obtaining necessary approvals, and leveraging collaborations, INOVEC ensures the responsible conduct of research and maintains a strong commitment to ethical principles.